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Animal Crossing New Horizons Review



Animal Crossing New Horizons Review

After all the years waiting, we’re finally back to another Animal Crossing game. It’s amazing to see how after all these years, the series has managed to keep its spirit and comfy feeling of just being simple.


Animal Crossing New Horizons is the Nintendo Switch’s take on the series, and it promises to be the best one yet. But let’s just see what this game holds for:


Paradise Life


Animal Crossing tends to take us into different scenarios, even though we are pretty much always in a similar setting. However, this time they completely changed the setting and sent us out to a deserted island here.


Unlike other Animal Crossing games where we used to arrive at a small town, in New Horizons we arrive at a completely deserted island. Of course, Tom Nook and some of the usual faces arrive with us, but everything is new on the island. We’ll have to place our tent and start working on making our island life even better.


This paradise-like island is perfect for starting a little town, and it’s our job as a representative to make it the best possible. We’ll have to found the museum, the first houses and even help with building the store.


More things to do


There is plenty of stuff to do in every animal crossing game, and this one’s no different. Even to have our usual tools we’ll have to collect materials and craft them. The new crafting mechanic is perfect for adding more things to do. Your tools also have a durability range, so they won’t last you forever like most of them used to.


Not only can you decorate your house, but now the entire island is your canvas. You can place decorations and even change the terrain. Players can create beautiful islands with completely personalized designs, or you can just make the given island more beautiful by adding some decoration.



More colors


There are tons of new things to do in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and there are plenty of new villagers too. They added tons of new content and amazing new ways to play with your friends worldwide. Visually it’s also the most beautiful game in the series, with nice graphics and excellent new designs.





Animal Crossing New Horizons is an amazing new entry for the series that hits in all the right spots. It brings back everything the fans love about the series and includes elements from all their games while adding completely new stuff.


Many players got into the series thanks to the smartphone version Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and they really took that into consideration. Keeping the original Animal Crossing soul and adding content from the mobile app seamlessly, this game is the version made for everyone.


But it’s not all about bringing things back from other games, New Horizons has amazing original content. More customization settings than ever before, and enough tasks to keep you busy for a really long time. The game features incentives to bring you back every day to play some more. And there are seasonal updates already planned to constantly keep adding content into the game.


Overall, we can say that Animal Crossing is the best game in the series, and even though some things are missing now, they seem to be coming up in future updates. So, if you buy the game don’t worry, more content is still on its way so get ready to live on that island for a long time.

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