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Simulcast – start your streaming dream



Simulcast - start your streaming dream

Now that you already started your streaming dream, you may be a little overwhelmed by how many platforms you can use. It’s impossible to divide your time and stream unique content to every single platform.


So, now that you know the basics to stream you can use OBS to split your stream into multiple different platforms simultaneously. While some streamers like to direct their brand into just one platform. It can be nice to stream at multiple sites at once to make your fan base grow and reach a bigger audience.


Whatever the case, we’re here to help you with this, and we’ll show you how you can send your live stream into multiple platforms. Here we’ll be specifically talking about streaming directly into Facebook Live and Twitch. However, do keep in mind that Facebook Live streaming is covered by a paywall, so we’ll try to save you some money here too.


Setting up OBS


Chances are you’ve already heard about OBS, and you’re likely even using it already. But you may have noticed that, by default, it won’t let you send your live stream to more than one platform at the time. And other solutions work great but you’ll have to either pay a subscription or purchase the software, some even both.


We’ll go the freeway here, so when you open OBS go into the settings tab and go to Stream destination.

OBS setup

And just set it up to Facebook Live, so you’re done over there. Now head into the Output window and check the Output Mode to Advanced.


After this, you make sure that the Type, under Recording tab  is set to Custom Output (FFmpeg). And then change the FFmpeg Output Type to Output to URL, and in the next box add the necessary Twitch info -remember that’s the link with RTMP in front of the name as below example. In order to use this feature, you will need the RTMP URL ( here – based on your nearest location ) and add your Stream Key from Twitch.

But we’ll tweak that a little, as you’ll add a slash at the end of the URL name, then copy and paste your Stream Key after the slash there.


setup OBS URL RTMP- twitch stream key

twitch stream key


Now you’ll want to press Start Streaming and Start Recording to get you live stream ready. You can also configure it so that it starts recording automatically when you start streaming. While this method does affect your bandwidth and your computer performance, it’s the best free option you have at the moment to do this easily.



Level up your streaming!


You’re already looking for how to stream your content into multiple platforms at the same time so you might also want to upgrade your streaming gear. Remember that certain elements will make your Livestream stand out from the crowd.


Not just invest in your computer, you should also get lights through a softbox so that lightning is even and soft It’s important to have great audio quality, you can get decent microphones for about $50, so it’s a nice investment to make. Audio can be even more important than video sometimes, but you can also get a nice webcam.


While more pro cameras are highly recommended they can be a pain to set up, nowadays there are excellent cameras specially made for live streams, so you should also invest in those. And we can’t leave the Elgato Stream Deck out, a special device for recording and controlling everything in your stream.

Here we’ve talked about simulcast, but you should also get a second monitor if you don’t already have one. This is important to keep an eye on the chat and interacting with your viewers. Behaving well with your viewers and being interactive is one of the most important aspects of being a great streamer. So, get ready and upgrade your streaming game today! After all, it’s one of the best jobs you can have right now.

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