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Top 5 Most Famous YouTube Gamers

YouTube is one of the most preferred ways of present times to earn a decent income alongside healthy popularity and gaming is no doubt an all-time hot topic to work on. Some of the popular YouTube gamers are also known to earn millions through their videos. Below mentioned are the top 5 most famous gaming YouTube channels and their owners who have secured their well-deserved spot on the YouTube platform.

  1. PewDiePie

PewDiePie currently has a count of over 79 million subscribers on his channel and is the most famous gaming YouTuber of present times. His channel has been running on YouTube back since 2010 and he has earned nearly 20 billion views since then. That is quite a popularity earned at the age of just 29. Swedish by birth, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg resides in Brighton, England in present and has been engaged to Marzia Bisognin in 2011. Most of his videos are made in the ‘Let’s Play’ style commentaries of games and his main focus is on the horror genre but plays other games as well. Initially, he started the channel with reactions on horror game but soon widened his base.

  1. ElRubiusOMG

With the support of over 32.5 million subscribers to his channel, Ruben Doblas Gundersen has been earning an immense range of popularity through gameplay and vlogs. ElRubuiusOMG is the most subscribed channel in Spain and the second most subscribed channel in the language. He has earned well over 7 billion views. He was born on 13th February 1990 in Spain and currently resides in Madrid, Spain. He currently makes videos on gaming clips; let’s play style video commentary, comedy, and many vlogs. The channel has been active for over 12 years now. But he is not limited to YouTube only. One of his tweets in 2016 has been re-tweeted 1.3 million times – the highest count in history.

  1. Fernanfloo

Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado, the famous gaming YouTuber currently has over 31 million subscribers and has earned over 6.5 billion views on his channel, Fernanfloo. This 25 years old Salvadoran based YouTube personality has been on the air since 2011. In terms of popularity, it is the 18th most subscribed channel among all the ones on YouTube. When it comes to his native country, it is the most famous one in El Salvador. Currently, his channel has over 570 videos and he is continuously working to bring in more exposure to his channel. He is associated with the network BrodbandTV and makes videos mainly on let’s play video commentaries, vlogs, comedy, and animations.

  1. JuegaGerman

German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, the 25 years old YouTuber is known to have nearly 70 million viewers on all of his three channels combined together. There are nearly 31 million viewers on JuegaGerman, his gaming channel and has earned nearly 9 billion views to the channel. HolaSoyGerman and HolaSoyGerman 2 are some of his other channels and he has 7 billion views on these two channels combined. He is a comedian, a writer and a gamer who has been an active YouTuber since 2011. This 28 years old YouTuber has his roots in Arizona, United States.

  1. VanossGaming

The 26-year-old YouTuber, Evan Fong has been working in his YouTube Channel VanossGaming since 2011 and has earned over 24 million subscribers within this time period. He concentrates mainly on video games and his videos have earned him more than 10 billion views overall. He is a Canadian by nationality and his commentaries are quite famous. Currently, his channel secures the 29th rank among all channels on YouTube and he is connected to the 3BLACKDOT network. His videos are often made in collaboration with other players as well.

Gaming is another YouTube channel that beats the entire list of the above-mentioned channel by huge margins. It has over 80 million subscribers but the reason for which the channel missed a spot on this list is that it is not run by a YouTuber. It is more like a hub of auto-generated videos and is run by a community.

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