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Angry Joe Is Shocked To Discover DOA DLC Content

Angry joe unearths DOA DLC revelation on Steam...

Angry Joe is a video game commentator and critic known for his distribution of content via the streaming platform Youtube Gaming. However, the cult personality who rarely shy’s away from controversy discovered something that fuelled the roaring fires of a blazing rant. And, for a valid reason.


When trialing DOA6, the latest installment in the long-standing Dead or Alive universe, Joe had a relatively relaxed demeanor with co-host Other Joe — going about their ordinary routine, chatting, and locking horns in the arena. That is until the duo stumbled upon a disturbing revelation. Once playtime was over, and it was time to wrap up festivities, Angry Joe’s attention diverted to the streaming platform Steam. And, in true volatile fashion, Joe verbally erupted. Upon, the discovery of expensive DOA DLC content. You can watch the video here.

Firstly, the DOA 6 digital deluxe edition’s price point is £69.99. Which, frankly, is befitting of triple-A territory. But, that’s just the beginning. Not only that, but for all DLC; which includes the full character roster, alongside various costume sets, and the season pass will set you back £306.31 in cold hard cash. A considerable sum of money. Especially, for what appears to be mainly, cosmetic skins of shall we say, colorful nature. However, the worst was yet to come.

When comparing prices with the previous iteration in the series, Angry Joe’s mind officially spiraled into meltdown mode. All the while fits of rage followed. Is it any wonder though? I mean, over $1000 for DOA5 and all its DLC. No, your ears do not deceive you, and yes, I know the month of April is a period of frivolity and pranks. Dont believe me? Check it out for yourself folks.

But seriously, how can the DOA community deem this as acceptable? How in any way, can this cost be justified? I’m as stupified and dumbstruck as Angry Joe at this point. And, before I get mobbed by the DOA fanboys, I should mention, there is a base game available for download free of charge. However, a bunch of features and characters require the privilege of DLC to unlock. And, it’s primitive at best.

Even if, it was the best game the world had ever seen, I could never contemplate forking out that amount of cash. It raises the question; Why so much for a stand-alone title? Besides, the latest iteration is around one-third of the price. Anyway, I do pray that we can learn from this travesty, and hopefully, at least in my lifetime, we don’t witness anything like this again.

We want to hear from you. What do you make of this pricing structure? And, what are the ramifications of such a price-tag? Additionally, does the DLC content justify the cost? Let us know below. As always, we are excited to hear your take on events.

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