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Metro Exodus: 5 Key Survival Tips

Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: 4A Games
Release: February 15, 2019
Rating: Mature
Reviewed on: Xbox One
Also on: PlayStation 4, PC



Metro Exodus: 5 Key Survival Tips

Metro Exodus acts as number three in the series. Indeed, the franchise is well-known for its harsh and unforgiving dystopias, intricate game-play systems and a focus on strong survival elements. True to form, Metro Exodus is no exception. Even those familiar with the mechanics at play will want to brush up on a handful of critical concepts. At least before venturing out into the wastes.


Luckily, we here at LatestGameplay, have devised a self-help almanac, fit for all your survival needs. What follows are five essential survival tips for Metro Exodus. Aside from learning the basics, this guide is designed to instill confidence, that is before you experience the lay of the land and the demons that dwell within.

In truth, the transition in format from linear to the all-new sandbox style in a few of its crucial area’s mixes up the dynamic, and it can be hard to acclimatize to this change. That said, learning the ways of the wastes is essential in getting to grips with the game. So, let’s jump straight into the action.


Weapon Dismantlement


Contrary to previous games in the series, players can now dismantle the guns of downed enemies in the field. Not only can you salvage extra ammo and vital materials, but also special attachments. Those of which significantly modify weapons. It may be repetitive to take apart guns on the fly continuously but making this a force of habit will work wonders in the wastes.

Metro Exodus - Weapons Dismantlement

Initially, weapons can be poorly balanced, at least to begin with, so it’s wise to fine-tune gear and bolster your arsenal with stocks, sights, and barrels. All of which can be fixed up off the bat, thanks to an on-the-move craft system. Be sure to familiarize yourself with ammo types though, as primary ammo can only be made up at workstations. Of course, you’ll find top-ups on your travels, but you’ll want to stock up before each mission, to be on the safe side.


Familiarize Yourself with The Backpack


The backpack acts as your item interface, and proper use of its systems will result in better performance all-round. Firstly, health plays a significant role in the game, and managing supplies is all but vital to survival. Often, you’ll need to patch-up after a drawn-out fire-fight or surprise encounter. Granted you have enough materials; you can craft healing aids after finding a place to lay low. Remember that you can’t pause the action. Consequently, finding a safe refuge to manage items becomes pivotal in Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus - Backpack

In addition to med kits, players can alter weapon mods there and then. Sometimes, specific scenarios will require an alternative method of execution. For instance, long distance shoot-outs may need an advanced scope, while hordes of oncoming enemies may require a greater clip-size or magazine, to clamp down on reload times. If you find that primary ammo is running low, you’ll be able to craft arrows for the bow strawight from the backpack. Critically, the bow is a quality sidearm when ammo is scarce, and the action is hairy.


Keep Your Arsenal in Good Nick


Nothing lasts forever. That said, all items are subject to conditional wear and tear. As a result, you’ll need to continually monitor the quality of weapons to ensure they are in tip-top shape. Taking the time to clean guns with the relevant fluids is a simple action and leads to greater weapon stability. From experience, there is nothing worse than your gun malfunctioning in the heat of battle or overheating as a wave of irradiated fiends’ home in on your position. True to life, items deteriorate over time. So then, be sure to monitor and clean provisions regularly throughout Metro Exodus.


Stealth Bonus Under the Cover of Darkness


The inclusion of a day/night cycle in Metro Exodus makes you more aware of your surroundings than ever. Daytime may bring light to the horror-inducing plains, but the enemy can spot you a mile off. Worse still, in the sprawling sandbox areas, you’ll be exposed and open to attack. Thankfully, you can alter the time from day to night, using any one of the beds. Usually, these lay at or around outposts.


Darkness may reduce visibility, but it makes you harder to spot. In turn, you’ll be able to sneak past guards and infiltrate compounds with greater ease. Lastly, it’s a good idea to keep a watchful eye on the vis indicator; this lets you know if you’re in the enemy’s line of sight or not. Also, taking out enough guards may result in the rest surrendering. A stealth-based approach is the best way to accomplish this in Metro Exodus.


Knowing When to Don the Mask


The Gasmask has always been a crucial part of Metro. From “2033” to “Last Light,” you’re intermittently thrust into areas with intense radiation. However, the warning signs are there, to the keen observer. Try to listen out for any clues, Artyom will gasp in areas with leftover radiation. Sure, you can survive for small amounts of time, but the accumulative effects of prolonged exposure will create dizziness and obscure vision. On that note, pay strict attention to the warning signs, and be sure to craft plenty of filters, which have a fixed duration.


That concludes our list of five essential survival tips in Metro Exodus. Now, you should be well on your way, to making it through the baron wastes relatively unharmed, at least physically. What actions do you take to maximize your chances of survival? Please write in with your views. We value your thoughts.


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