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Quick Guide to the Best Gaming Chairs of 2019

When it comes to deciding on a gaming chair, it all comes down to five things — aesthetics, comfort, durability, customizations, and cost. Determining which of these elements is the best for you can be the hardest part. For me, I lean toward a chair with more comfort and versatility.


I work and play in the same place and tend to have different sitting positions when I do either one so it must be adjustable. (I’m definitely one of those people who play games with my feet on my desk and my keyboard in my lap. Don’t judge me too harshly.) Here’s a short breakdown of some of the top gaming chairs of 2019 to help you narrow down the list considerably.


#7. Steelcase Gesture

While this chair has fantastic reviews on how comfortable it is, it’s insanely expensive, ranking it #7 on this list. It even comes in 10 colors to choose from, ranging from tangerine to concord purple and everyone’s favorite, classic black. The weight capacity tips off at 400 lbs. On the other hand, the chair itself weighs 78 lbs. While the armrests are adjustable, the lumbar support is not, so just remember that before you drop a pretty penny for this chair.


#6. Vertagear SL5000

This racing style seat is a sight to behold, coming in 5 available color combinations, as well as a decent price range. The lumbar support pillow and the neck pillows are also adjustable, but only to an extent. This allows for more versatility, but remember, these racer style chairs aren’t necessarily built for comfort, just to be epic. The weight limit for this chair is 330 lbs, and the chair itself weights 59 lbs. It’s a pretty firm chair, but overall has enough adjustments to compensate and provide better lumbar support than a few other options.

#5. Homall Gaming Chair

This chair is excellent, even if mostly for it’s price point. Of all the chairs on this list, it’s under $100 and looks strikingly similar to the Vertagear in the #6 spot. It has the adjustable lumbar and neck pillows and comes in 6 available designs and color combos. While functionally and aesthetically similar to the Vertagear, you do get what you pay for in the comfort department. This chair supports up to 300 lbs and weighs around 52 lbs. This is a great chair to segue into the gaming chair cult, with a relatively high rating on Amazon.

#4. GTRacing Gaming Office Chair

With its adjustable features and sleek design, this is a solid lower to mid-priced chair. You can find it in 6 different colors. This chair is made from bonded leather, so will breathe more than the noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair, but still isn’t the most breathable out there. The weight capacity is 300 lbs, and the chair itself weighs around 50 lbs, clocking in as one of the lightest chairs on the list. With adjustable lumbar support, armrests and neck support, it’s another excellent chair for long spurts of game time. It’s a great chair, another good option for someone on a budget.


#3. DXRacer Formula Chair

The DXRacer is an excellent chair for comfort. It’s more wide-set than the other chairs and will be more comfortable for those who have a larger frame. You can find this chair in 4 different colors, happily offering a few options. While it does have adjustable armrests, the lumbar support is fixed on this chair. It’s the least comfortable before it’s broken in, but after that, it’s a solid chair that’s actually remarkably comfortable. The capacity for this chair is also 300 lbs, and the chair weighs 66lbs. The biggest downside is that this chair is made of vinyl, which means you might be sticking to it in the warmer months.


#2. Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

This real leather chair has the highest of marks, but it is expensive. If that’s a turn-off for you, I don’t blame you, since the top price for this chair can reach almost a thousand dollars. It’s a luxurious chair, and because of the materials, can be found in only 4 neutral colors. It has a weight capacity of 265 lbs, and the chair itself is 60 lbs. This chair has no built-in lumbar support, there’s a pillow that you can attach. Otherwise, the only adjustable feature is the ability to recline and the armrests. Overall, this is a high-quality product that will last you a long time.


#1. Secretlab Omega Chair

There has been nothing but rave reviews for this chair, whether you check out Amazon or YouTube. It’s mostly because of how dang comfortable this chair is. Essentially, if cold-cured memory foam were a chair, it would be the Omega. It also has breathable PU leather which keeps it cool and comfortable. You can even get it in 5 different colors if you order it directly from the website. This chair has a weight capacity of only 240 lbs, which is the lowest of the bunch. It weighs 66 lbs. There’s a provided lumbar pillow, and it’s an excellent choice if you prefer to spend long days planted in front of your PC to get some game time in.


No matter what you chose to go with, find the gaming chair that is best for you. Know what your needs are and don’t settle. Finding the chair that suits you best can make or break your time playing at your console or PC. That time is meant for fun (and sometimes for work), so make sure that you’re spending that time focusing on what you really should be worrying about — taking down that raid boss! Oh, and don’t stand in the fire.

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