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10 Twitch Gaming Streamers To Follow



10 Twitch Gaming Streamers To Follow

Just who are the top 10 Twitch gaming streamers to follow? Well, Twitch is vastly becoming the go-to platform alongside Youtube Gaming, as a means to showcase player talents. Nowadays, there are a host of channels and gaming commentators — all of which Stream to a live audience on an almost daily basis. Despite an oversaturated scene, there is a handful that stands out amongst the crowd. Today, we take a look at 10 Twitch gaming streamers to follow. Upon reading, you’ll never be short on content to digest. Contrarily, it may even inspire you to start-up a channel. Either way, we hope you enjoy the article.

Nightblue3 (Rabia Yazbek)

Nightblue3, who’s real alias is Rabia Yazbek, was born in the United States, and is of Lebanese descent. Over the years, Nightblue3 has played on a competitive level for several high-profile esports organizations. These include Sirens A Team, Team SoloMid, and currently, Meme Stream Team.


Not only has Nightblue3 gained a reputation for his informative streams, but also the variety of champions he plays as, giving the viewer a neverending source of entertainment. Even if, he falls by the sword doing it. Also, Nightblue has a strong social media following and streams regularly.

Watch live video from Nightblue3 on

LIRIK (Saqib Zahid)


LIRIK, Whos real name is Saqib Zahid, is an American based distributor, known for his Twitch streaming activity. Around the world, Millions of people tune-in daily to watch his streams via Twitch. Zahid relies on sponsorship from Discord and is considered as an influencer, gaining revenue through promotional means. LIRIK plays a variety of games from opposing genres. Overall, his total view count is somewhere in the hundreds of millions.

Watch live video from LIRIK on

Dakotaz (Brett Hoffman)


Dakotaz, often called Brett Hoffman is a Twitch streamer, Youtube Gamer and plays Fortnite in an official capacity. On the face of it then, it would seem as though there is no end to this guys talents. Typically, Dakotaz distributes content at an almost daily rate. Most of it relating to Fortnite, in the form of gameplay snippets. Or, just commenting on new features and additions in the game. Both his Youtube and Twitch accounts exceed the two million mark concerning followers, and in early Jan 2018, Dakotaz partnered up with HighDistortion to become the newest members of Team Solo Mid at that point.

Watch live video from dakotaz on

Syndicate (Tom Cassell)


Syndicate a.k.a Tom Cassell is yet another man of many crafts. Not only is Syndicate known for his massively popular Youtube channel TheSyndicateProject, which is one of the most subscribed content channels on the platform, but also, his Twitch activity. Tom is a partnered livestreamer and is well on his way to 10 million subs. Alongside streaming, Syndicate also has a clothing range among other entrepreneurial questlines. Besides, who says you can’t have it all?

Watch live video from Syndicate on

DrDisRespectLIVE (Guy Beahm)


Beahm is an American Twitch streamer with a following of over 3 million and counting. Also known as an eccentric online personality, Guy plays a vast range of games. Most notably, Apex Legends, Battlefield V, Fortnite, Call of Duty and PUBG. Concerning accolades, Guy Beahm has scooped up many awards, including streamer of the year at the annual Esports Industry Awards 2017.

Watch live video from DrDisrespect on

TimTheTatMan (Timothy John Betar)


Again, another internet icon and personality, Timothy John Betar is a pro streamer on Twitch but also provides content on Youtube. With followers exceeding the 3 million point TimTheTatMan has been entertaining audiences for a while now. Mostly, via live gameplay from a slew of titles such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, WoW, GTA V and Overwatch.

Watch live video from TimTheTatman on

summit1g (Jaryd Lazar)


summit1g is an American born Twitch streamer, and has a amounted a large following on the platform with over 3 million loyal devotees as well as thirty thousand plus subscribers. Now retired from the competitive scene, Lazar has been streaming games from a variety of genres since 2012. Those titles include Sea of Thieves, Fortnite, Apex Legends, GTA V and PUBG alongside others.

Watch live video from summit1g on

tsm_myth (Ali Kabbani)


Ali Kabbani, also known as tsm_myth is a Twitch streamer who primarily focuses on the survival genre but has distributed content related to Fortnite. To date, his Twitch stream is rapidly approaching 5 million followers and is expected to grow year on year. In the past, Ali has locked-horns with fellow streamer Ninja, and posts his Twitch runs on Youtube. That too has more than 4 million subscribers.

Watch live video from summit1g on

Shroud (Michael Grzesiek)


Shroud, once a pro-tour CS: GO, player, is now a high-profile Twitch streamer of Polish, Canadian nationality. With a dizzying total of over $226 thousand in career prize money and many championships under his belt, there are plenty of feathers to this guy’s illustrious cap. Furthermore, Shroud is known for playing many games. Most notably, Call of Duty, Black Ops 4: Blackout, Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends.

Watch live video from shroud on

Ninja (Tyler Blevins)


Perhaps we have saved the best til last. In truth, Ninja is a household name in the industry, having played for many professional esports teams including Cloud9, Team Liquid, Renegades and Luminosity gaming. Also, Ninja is considered to be one of the most successful Twitch streamers in history, having amassed well over 10 million followers with thirty thousand or so tuning in weekly. Ninja is most known for playing H1Z1, Halo, Fortnite, Apex Legends and PUBG. In short, their are many strings to this mans bow.

Watch live video from Ninja on

That wraps up this list of 10 Twitch gaming streamers to follow. We hope the content has enlightened you on the subject. On that note, we want to hear from you the gamer. Who do you subscribe to, and what makes them a stand-out commentator? What is it, that keeps you coming back for more?  Write in with your suggestions. As always, we value your views.

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